Small plastic box in transparent, frosted hard plastic containing 10 bandages.

Bandage Tube

Price6,00 kr
NEW PRODUCT! First aid bag with the essentials needed if an accident occurs. A thoughtful gift with a tasteful design. The first aid kit contains a triangular bandage, band-aids, tweezers, safety pins, tape, scissors, alcohol prep pad, sterile guaze swab, tourniquet, bandages and first aid guide. Can be printed on front or back. Download design sketch for more info. First aid bag is offered in red, black and light grey. It can also be ordered on trading, with your client’s colour – contact us for more info and for a quote!

First Aid Bag

Price134,00 kr
Caring is a great gift! This fresh white first aid kit is packaged in a shockproof EVA foam case and filled with thoughtful and useful products. The box contains wound cleanser, bandages, tape, safety pins, triangle bandage, gauze, and a wrap bandage. Dimensions: 16 x 12 x 5 cm. Print size: 7 x 10 cm on the back.Please note: Only possible to print in 1 color!

First Aid Box

Price148,00 kr