Delivery Terms

These delivery terms are, unless otherwise agreed in writing, applicable and considered accepted by the buyer for purchases from any of PWA's members.


The buyer may not claim that the product is defective unless they notify the seller of the defect within the time limits specified below (complaint).

Defects which have been or should have been noticed when the goods were received by the buyer or the recipient designated by them must be reported within one week thereafter and - where applicable - before the goods are processed.

Otherwise, defects must be reported within a reasonable time after the defect has been noticed or should have been noticed or otherwise come to the buyer's notice through a complaint from another.

If no complaint is made within four months of receipt of the goods, the right to invoke the defect will be lost.

The product shall in no case be considered defective in the event of color deviation if the color deviation is solely due to the ordered application technique (printing and embroidery technique) or the material of the product.


Samples are non-refundable.

Returned goods must be packed in original packaging and not be used or processed.

On returns, which are not due to incorrect delivery or complaint, a deduction of 20% is made on the invoice amount (minimum 50 SEK) in 2 months from the delivery.

Returns later than 2 months after the invoice date are not credited.

Seller's Responsibility

The seller's liability for proven damage is limited to a maximum of 10% of the purchase price.

The seller is not liable for the damage suffered by the buyer through the seller's delay if the delay is due to an obstacle beyond the seller's control, by which could not reasonably be expected to have taken into account at the time of purchase and whose consequences could not reasonably have avoided or overcome.

The seller is also not liable for compensation for the damage suffered by the buyer as a result of the goods being defective if there has been an obstacle as referred to in the second paragraph for delivering defect-free goods.

For damage through indirect loss or for loss that the buyer inflicts through damage to other than the goods sold, the seller is liable for compensation only if the damage is shown to be due to gross negligence on the part of the seller.


The customer is fully responsible for submitting the correct artwork.

In the case of distortion of artwork sent digitally, the seller rejects responsibility for the same.