Environmental Policy

Every year we revise our environmental impact goals to improve the environment both locally and globally. In our initial development for a sustainable workplace, we set several local goals such as efficient insulation, energy saving lighting in workspaces and warehouses, and safer compounds used in the inks at our print shop. After achieving these goals, our focus has shifted to our suppliers and the products we purchase. AD Company is a member of Repa register and Elkretsen. These memberships guarantee reporting and financial allocation for future scrapping/reusing of imported products in the name of AD company.

We have collaborated with our main suppliers to search for sources of environmentally friendly products. There is increased care from our suppliers to work more eco-consciously, but the process can sometimes be slow and more expensive. Some materials, such as cotton, drastically increase in price when grown and processed according to our environmental requirements. Because of our high environmental standards, we can help import goods that meet international requirements to be labelled as environmentally friendly.

AD company works hard to ensure that our actions and decisions follow the environmentally friendly guidelines. We do our utmost to choose the path that reduces negative environmental impact.

We do this by:

- Following all applicable laws and regulations.
- Developing our policies so that it follows society’s environmental goals.
- Keeping our staff aware and educated in our environmental objectives.
- Judging the effects of environmental impact on the purchases/investments we make.
- Sorting and recycling the waste we generate
- Gradually replacing older and less environmentally friendly equipment with less resource-consuming alternatives.
- Creating a method of quantifying and measuring the environmental improvements we implement.
- Pushing ourselves by the desire to improve.
- Influencing our customers and suppliers in accordance to our environmental policy.