Time of delivery

Because AD company runs our own printing and embroidery shop, we can be flexible to the needs of each customer. In addition, product quality is strengthened through close cooperation between the orders office and printing/embroidery shop. We can quickly make a printed sample and get fast feedback to the customer. By printing and/or embroidering the products in the same place, we reduce overall shipping costs.

Completing fast and accurate deliveries on schedule is a cornerstone of AD company.

When ordering plain items, before 14.00, the goods are shipped the same day.
When ordering items with print or embroidery, normal delivery time is 14 days*.
When ordering pins, lanyards, luggage bands, luggage tags, keychains and the like, the normal delivery time (by air) is 3-5 weeks*.
For special orders, so-called trading, normally ordered goods are delivered between 3-4 months*.

*It is important to note that delivery time is always counted from the time the distributor approves a sketch or a sample, and that delivery time is the time when the items are sent from AD company.

When special ordering caps, umbrellas and bags, we work with specific shipping plans. When following a shipping plan, it will lay out a timeline in which the order must be confirmed to have the goods delivered at a certain time.

Within Sweden, we collaborate with Post Nord. We are happy to send directly to the end customer with the distributor as the sender. If the distributor wishes to use their own shipping service, we will gladly cooperate with them.