A stunning all-black umbrella with J-shaped rubberizedhandle for an extra good grip. Automatic folding.Metal plate on the buckle for discreet pressure orembossing (embossed logo only for special -order).

Umbrella Black

Price152,00 kr
Stable 8-panel umbrella with a graphite gray-lacquered aluminum shaft. Automatic opening and wind-resilient mechanism make it extra durable in breezy weather. The special handle is designed to be best on the wrist, so you can have both hands free.

Umbrella Cee

Price136,00 kr
Classic umbrella with J-handle and wooden details. Automatic folding with eight panels. Shaft, tips, top, and J-handle all made in wood.

Umbrella Class

Price108,00 kr
Powerful umbrella with eight panels and a comfortable EVA foam handle. Stormproof and safe with reflective tape sewn to the bottom of each panel.

Umbrella Force

Price152,00 kr
A reflective umbrella that gives extra visibility in the dark. Manual folding with eight panels. Graphite shaft and graphite rods make the umbrella extra wind-resilient. Handle in grip-friendly EVA foam.

Umbrella Glow

Price280,00 kr
A stylish umbrella with graphite ribs, making it sturdy and resistant to wind. Classic J shaped handle in wood. With its 120 cm in diameter, it is a hybrid between a golf and standard size umbrella. Automatic opening. Eight panels. Shaft, tips and top in black varnished metal.

Umbrella Grace

Price138,00 kr
Colorful umbrella with 16 panels in all shades of the rainbow. Black metal shaft and EVA foam handle. Panel colors and placement may vary.

Umbrella Joy

Price150,00 kr
A sturdy and affordable 8-panel umbrella, which is very popular. The umbrella has automatic folding, strong black steel shaft, metal rod and a grip-friendly straight EVA foam handle. The quality of the panel fabric is called Pongee and gives a higher quality and finer finish when printed. The umbrellas can be made unique with digital printing, among other design options, over all panels, and on both the outside and inside of the umbrella. Save is also available with panel fabric made of recycled polyester.

Umbrella Save

Price92,00 kr
Our bestseller Save is now available in an environmentally smart alternative, where the panel fabric is made from recycled PET (R-PET). Save is a sturdy 8-panel umbrella with automatic folding. Features a black steel shaft and straight EVA foam handle. The R-PET option is marked with a hang tag and a discreet tone-on-tone print on the strap and on the outside of the panels with description of the material. Save R-PET is available in black.

Umbrella Save R-PET

Price100,00 kr
Get the feeling of unique design and tailor-made finish with colored ribs, rods, and handles in strong accent colors. Sturdy 8-panel umbrella with automatic folding. Steel shaft and an EVA foam handle.

Umbrella Vipp

Price186,00 kr