Baggage Tag Small 80 x 50mm

Article No. 87019900

Luggage tag with 3D effect in soft rubber-like PVC. Address card on the back and strap to attach to the bag. Optional PMS color and raised logo make the product unique from 100 pcs. Available in two different sizes: 80 x 50 mm and 105 x 65 mm. The larger one usually fits standard business cards. Feel free to order samples! Delivery time: about 4-5 weeks after approving the sketch. Please note: 100 pcs is the minimum order quantity, it is not possible to order fewer, even with sub-circulation surcharges. Standard cost 780 SEK / color (Recommended price)


Size 80 x 50 mm

Material PVC

Labeling Raised logo in 3D effect

1-99 pc. 100 pc. 200 pc. 500 pc.
Price/pc. 0,00 kr 82,00 kr 56,00 kr 46,00 kr

When marking less than 50, a MOQ charge will be added.

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