Reflective Vest Race L

Article No. 30314449

CE-approved fluorescent vest that is functionally designed with a collar and pocket with a zipper. The vest zipper in the front is made from sturdy plastic, and the back section of the vest is longer for extra surface for printing and visibility at the rear. Suitable on the running track or for a city walk as it provides increased visibility in traffic. Approved according to EN ISO 20471: 2013 class 1. Delivered in a case. When printing on the vest - According to CE standard, the background material may be covered with a total of 3815 cm2, of which a maximum of 1712 cm2 on the front.


Size L 63 x 69/79 cm.

Material Polyester

Labeling Screenprint

Print size 10 x 10 cm / 26 x 19 cm (See above text for max cm2)

1-99 pcs. 100 pcs. 250 pcs. 500 pcs. 1000 pcs.
Price/pc. 108,00 kr 104,00 kr 102,00 kr 99,00 kr 97,00 kr
Print price/color 35,00 kr 24,40 kr 20,00 kr 18,40 kr 16,20 kr

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