Promotional price! Airy mesh bag that can be carried like a backpack. Drawstring for closing. Possibility of printing on black plate in PU material in the right corner. Use it as a reusable shopping bag, swimming bag, or gym bag!

Beach Bag Net

Price10,00 kr
Briefcases of different sizes and shapes.Outlet prices right now - Same price regardless of model.Feel free to call us for more information.


Price420,00 kr
A sturdy, double-sided, reversible bag with side and bottom gussets. The outside is graphite gray and made of recycled cotton, the inside in a thinner patterned lining. It has a pocket with decorative stitches and a narrow pen compartment that provides additional organization. The handles are adapted so that it can be carried in the hand or over the shoulder.

Cotton Bag Twice

Price78,00 kr
SALE! Practical bag in non-woven material with reinforced long and short handle lengths. Buttoning with double buttons makes the bag extra stable to carry. Please note: Printing price only for 1-color printing. For multi-color printing - contact us for a quote.

Non-woven Bag Bring, SALE

Price26,00 kr