Notebook Tab

Article No. 70134648

Notebook in environmentally friendly material, matching pen, lined pad, and practical post-it notes in different colors. The cover goes around the whole notepad and is held closed by magnet. Comes with black or natural colored front. Outlet price due to varying adhesion on the small post-it notes.


Size 11 x 15 cm


Labeling Screenprint

Print size 2 x 11 cm

1-99 PC. 100 PC. 250 PC. 500 PC. 1000 PC.
Price/pc. 10,00 kr 10,00 kr 10,00 kr 10,00 kr 10,00 kr
Print price/color 19,80 kr 11,00 kr 9,50 kr 8,00 kr 7,40 kr

When marking less than 100, a MOQ charge will be added.

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