Fire Blanket with Digital Flame Imprint

Article No. 36160000

Sale! Fire blanket in pouch with flames on it! Choose between two different designs and sizes. The pouch can be screen-printed. The blanket with the orange flame is 120 x 180 cm, recommended price 190 SEK. The blanket with the blue flame is 120 x 120 cm, recommended price 150 SEK. Description and safety instructions on the back. The blanket follows EN standard: 1869: 1997. Limited quantity in stock.


Size Blanket 120 x 180 cm or 120 x 120 cm, pouch 21 x 33.5 cm

Material Smooth canvas

Labeling Screenprint

Print size Customizable after motif

1-99 Pc. 100 Pc. 250 Pc. 500 Pc. 1000 Pc.
Price/pc. 220,00 kr 220,00 kr 220,00 kr 220,00 kr 220,00 kr
Print price/color 21,60 kr 19,00 kr 17,00 kr 16,00 kr 15,00 kr

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